Chicago Residents

How to Obtain a Library Card

The Calumet City Public Library issues cards free of charge to the following persons:


Residents may apply for Calumet City Library cards free of charge. Application for a card must be made in person at the library. To receive a library card on the same day of application patrons must provide two items, identification and proof of residency.

Identification Requirements Proof of Residency If the applicant cannot present both materials, they cannot receive their library card the same day.

For children under the age of 18, they must have a parent or legal guardian with them to authorize the library card application and assume financial responsibility for materials checked out with the child's card.


Illinois non-residents may obtain a library card for an annual fee of $100 per household.

The Village of Burnham will reimburse Burnham residents the annual fee. Applicants must first pay the $100 fee to the Calumet City Public Library and then submit a request with the Village of Burnham at village hall.

Chicago Public Library Cardholders

Chicago residents holding a valid Chicago Public Library card in good standing may apply for RAILS System/Chicago Public Library reciprocal borrowing services at no charge.

For full details, please reference our Library Card Policy.